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Becoming a Member of the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform (CASWLR)

The Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform (CASWLR) is an alliance of sex worker rights groups across the country working to reform sex work specific laws and policies.

The objectives of CASWLR are to:

  • Create opportunities for sex workers to be in contact and in discussion with law and policy makers that impact sex workers’ lives
  • Build capacity across the country for sex workers to lead and engage in sex work law and policy reform

Every member endorses CASWLR core values :

  • Support the full decriminalization of sex work as written in Safety, Equality, Dignity: Recommendations for Sex Work Law Reform
  • Support the repeal of all sex work-specific criminal and immigration laws and oppose all forms of criminalization, legal oppression, and disproportionate regulation of sex work and sex workers (including sex workers, clients, third parties, partners and friends)
  • Support sex worker self-determination and self-organizing
  • Recognize sex work as work

Member types:

  • Groups/organizations can apply to either be a sex worker-led member with voting rights or a supporting member without voting rights.
  • Sex worker-led group members are organizations with sex work-specific mandates that are composed of at least 51% of sex workers have decision making power and make up 51%  of the organization. Sex worker-led organizations that are housed at other organizations can apply to be voting members, if sex workers are represented at Alliance meetings and communicate directly with the Alliance, and if decisions made with regards to Alliance activity are made by the group of sex workers, rather than the organization in which the group is housed.
  • Supporting members are defined as organizations whose mandate is focused on sex work, and that either work directly with sex workers or do significant work on sex workers’ rights and sex work law reform – but the direction, work, and decision-making of the organization is not led by a majority of sex workers.
  • Both sex worker-led members and supporting members can be engaged in Alliance work. Only sex worker-led members have the right to vote on issues for the Alliance. Supporting members may be asked to be members of the Steering Committee and are encouraged to participate in discussions that require a vote to offer their expertise, but decision-making power is limited to sex worker-led members.
  • Organizations have the responsibility of liaising amongst the members of its organization to ensure it is representing sex workers in their region. Individuals cannot apply to be members of the Alliance to ensure accountability to community.

Working Groups:

  • Individual sex workers who are not part of a member group but want to get involved in Alliance work can form Working Groups within the Alliance and apply to be a sex worker led member. The Alliance Steering Committee will identify what kinds of Working Groups are being sought so they do not replicate each other. A Working Group requires a minimum of 3 people. Working groups respond to the need to include individuals who may be isolated by way of region, identify, experience, or other positionality and have less visibility or voice at the table. Inclusion in the form of a working group ensures accountability to a wider community rather than self-representation. This membership option is strictly for sex workers only.
  • Individual sex workers who want to join are encouraged to join member groups or, if their issue is not represented in a large collective, are encouraged to start a Working Group.
  • Individual allies cannot join as a member but can be added to communications and email lists.

Alliance partners and consultants:

  • We recognize there are individuals with legal, institutional, or other expertise that we will want to access as an Alliance, and in some cases, it may be helpful to have individual or organizational Alliance partners or consultants
  • As individuals, these partners and consultants are not eligible for membership, but we are open to working with people in whatever capacity is useful for us as consultants and partners.


How to Become a Member:

  • All Members are required to read and endorse the core values and Safety Equality Dignity: Recommendations for Sex Work Law Reform.
  • Fill out the membership form.

All applications are reviewed by the Alliance Steering Committee or a subcommittee responsible for membership issues.

Benefits of Membership


By joining the Alliance, members can benefit from:

  • Networking and communication opportunities: Members are invited to join our list-servs and other social media community groups. These tools are used to share information on our movement, campaigns, calls for actions, opportunities for trainings, key events or funding.
  • Participation in Alliance activities: We regularly coordinate national and regional trainings and workshops for sex workers, as well as advocacy with law and policy makers
  • Participation in Alliance consultations: We regularly consult members and form subcommittees for the development of position or briefing papers, as well as strategic and advocacy plans.
  • By joining the Alliance, you can share your personal and professional experience with our network and contribute to the diversity and strength of our movement. Together, we can achieve the Alliance’s vision of a world where the human and labour rights of sex workers are protected and upheld.


Responsibilities of members

  • Sex worker led members need to ensure that their participation in the Alliance is informed and guided by the sex workers in their group and/or region. They also need to ensure that the information from meetings and correspondences are transferred back to sex workers in their group and/or region.
  • All members need to sign onto the Statement of Principles and adhere to the Solidarity Statement 

Email us at if you are interested in becoming a member.