Infosheets: Impacts of Sex Work Laws (PCEPA)

Download infosheets on the impacts of C-36.


thumbnail of Laws GeneralSex Work and Changes to the Criminal Code After Bill C-36: What Does the Evidence Say?

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English: Laws General

Français: Survol des lois

thumbnail of Criminalizing Purchase of SexCriminalizing of the Purchase of Sex: Impacts and Consequences

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English: Criminalizing Purchase of Sex

Français: Criminalisation d'achat

thumbnail of Criminalizing AdvertisingCriminalizing Advertising of Sexual Services: Impacts and Consequences

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English: Criminalizing Advertising

Français: Criminalisation de la publicité

thumbnail of Third PartiesCriminalizing Third Parties in the Sex Industry: Impacts and Consequences

Download PDF: Third Parties

Français: Tierces Personnes

thumbnail of Migrant Sex WorkersMigrant Sex Workers and Sex Work-Related Laws 

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English: Migrant Sex Workers

Français: Travail du sexe migrante

中文: Migrant Workers Chinese Web