Infosheets: Bedford v. Canada

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thumbnail of canada_vs_bedford_140322Canada v. Bedford: The Importance of the SCC Decision 

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thumbnail of after_bedford_140322AFTER BEDFORD:
Developing a health and safety framework for sex workers and Canadian communities.

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thumbnail of 10_ways_14032210 Ways to Explain Prostitution Law Reform to Your Constituents

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thumbnail of ciminalizing_the_purchase_140322What Canada Can Learn from Sweden’s Laws that Criminalize the Purchase of Sexual Services

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thumbnail of third_parties_140322Pimps, Managers and Other Third Parties: Making Distinctions Between Third Parties and Exploitation

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thumbnail of public_health_140422Why Decriminalization is Consistent with Public Health Goals

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thumbnail of new_zealand_140322New Zealand’s Prostitution Reform Act : An Effective Model of Sex Work Law Reform

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